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Every second foreign boater has sailed the Croatian coast of the Adriatic six times or more. Countless bays and coves, heavenly beaches and other beauties of the untouched nature from which the gastronomic offer springs and blends the best of the Mediterranean and continental cuisines which attract boaters to discover each time all over again the Croatian Adriatic and transfer their experiences to their friends and family.

Nautical tourism and the number of vessels and boaters who enjoy the beauties of the Adriatic is continuously growing, and the satisfaction of boaters and of tourism workers is increasing as well, but the pressure on this repeatedly praised nature is significant.

Besides all the positive attributes of the development of nautical tourism there are also challenges to preserving our beautiful nature – nature can absorb only a certain amount of side-effects of this accelerated development. That is why nautical tourism requires today a growing need for responsibility towards nature, because only our environmentally conscientious behaviour towards nature can be the basic condition for further development of this kind of selective tourism.

As the largest system of marinas in the Mediterranean and the leading Croatian nautical company that during the season hosts over 400,000 boaters, ACI has great responsibility towards the protection and preservation of the environment in which it operates.

Through different types of activities and actions, ACI continuously works on raising the awareness of boaters and employees on the need to preserve the natural beauties of the nature that surrounds the destinations in which the ACI marinas are located, and for a number of years a special emphasis is put on the protection of the environment, in particular of the marine environment.

In addition to a number of activities conducted with the aim of preserving the environment and carried out for many years now, this year ACI began a new collaboration with the Green Sail association that brings together the different protagonists of nautical tourism in order to jointly influence the development of sustainable tourism i.e. the development of the nautical sector with minimal impact on the sea and the marine environment.

The primary aim of the Green Sail initiative is to create environmentally friendly practices of waste management, in particular through raising the awareness on the need of boaters, employees and business partners to care for the environment.

Through educational activities in the marinas and activities that are carried out via charter agencies in order for boaters to be educated on the need of collecting and sorting waste and on the importance of preserving the ecosystem, the initiative aims to promote and encourage the awareness of the importance of the role of all participants and of various options for conscientious and responsible actions that will result in the reduction of negative human impacts on nature.

You are a part of this beautiful eco-system as well. Therefore, join the initiative, enjoy cruising and give your small contribution to the preservation of the environment.

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