ACI marinas awarded ISO certifications for quality, environment and energy

The presentation of the results of the research “Attitudes and consumption of boaters in Croatia – TOMAS Nautika Jahting 2017.” has been held today in ACI marina Ičići. The event was attended by Tourism Minister Gary Cappelli, head of the project “TOMAS Nautika Jahting 2017.” in the Institute for tourism – Zrinka Marušić, Kristijan Pavić – Chairman of the Board of ACI d.d. and Juraj Bukša, Board member of ACI d.d., along with numerous other guests from the nautical sector.

On that occasion, Mr. Drago Goić, Director of SGS Adriatica’s certification department, the world’s leading company for inspection, verification, testing and certification, solemnly handed to the Board of ACI d.d. three ISO certificates – certificate ISO 9001:2015 for the area of quality management system; ISO 14001:2015 for the area of environmental management system and ISO 50001:2011 for the area of energy management system. By completing the rigorous certification conditions, all 22 ACI marinas have made a step further towards achieving excellence.

ACI’s Chairman of the Board, Kristijan Pavić, on this occasion noted: “I am extremely pleased by the fact that ACI has showed to be a company that is intensively working and will continue to work on raising the quality of business, conscious of the need for environmental protection and for the efficient use of energy and has proved so with an international certificate. Our efforts are focused to bring the quality and diversity of the services in Croatian nautical tourism in general to the level of excellence so that Croatia could be recognized as a destination for excellent nautical tourism. Through continuous investment in the organization, facilities, human resources and environmental protection, in the long term we contribute to the increase of quality and raising the standard in the marinas, but also of our business partners and in the entire destination, which is reflected to many other tourist and industry branches. Thus the particularity of ACI, with its 22 marina, comes to the fore in a specific way. This accomplishment is an ulterior confirmation that ACI is the leader of Croatian nautical tourism and as such repeatedly moves forward the quality standards.”

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