Season 2017 at the new ACI marina in Slano near Dubrovnik GET YOUR BERTH IN TIME!

ACI marina "Veljko Barbieri" - the newest ACI marina on Adriatic

The newest ACI marina “Veljko Barbieri” in Slano near Dubrovnik has been opened in 2016.

One of the most charming marinas on the Adriatic is situated at the end of the beautiful bay Slano and fulfils all the sailors’ wishes yearning for the Mediterranean tastes and fragrances.


The doorway to the Dubrovnik archipelago

The bay opens to the Dubrovnik archipelago and the world famous Elaphite islands as well as the national park of the island Mljet.

Exactly in this part of the world with a warm and clear sea unique sandy and pebble beaches can be found. Many of them can only be reached by sea.

ACI marina Veljko Barbieri Slano

Excellent Dalmatian wines coupled with fish and clams

Here, where the excellent Dalmatian wines are produced, first-rate fish and mussels are caught, southern fruit and olives grow, all that natural treasures can be found on the the ACI marina Slano restaurant’s plates and glasses and within its magnificent menu as well.


Experience the magic of the Dubrovnik archipelago and the offers of the newest ACI marina near Dubrovnik.