ACI and the Foundation “Vaša pošta”

Encouraged by the excellent response of children, donors and sponsors of the Foundation “Vaša pošta”, and especially by the joy and the beautiful atmosphere that we have experienced last year at the get-together in ACI marina Cres, ACI and the Foundation “Vaša pošta” organize this year as well, on the 5th of October, the sailing and get-together with the residents of children’s homes as well as sponsors and donors of the Foundation “Vaša pošta”.


The residents of children’s homes from the Primorje-Gorski Kotar County, Pula and Karlovac will be joined this year by the protégés of the children’s home from Hrvatski Leskovac. We will set sail in the waters of the Opatija Riviera accompanied by experienced skippers, while the get-together will be organized in ACI marina Opatija (Ičići).


In the Republic of Croatia children without adequate parental care grow up in 30 children’s homes. Due to life circumstances, most of the residents must begin an independent life at the age of 18, which represents a great challenge without the help of the society and without a sure employment. Hrvatska pošta founded in 2010 the Foundation “Vaša pošta” in order to facilitate for those children the start of independent life and ensure for them financial aid in this demanding period.

As a sponsor of the Foundation, ACI d.d. actively supports this praiseworthy action by depositing life insurance policies on behalf of the children – protégés. The collected amount is paid to the residents of children’s homes as an annuity when they leave the home, in order to settle their basic living expenses until finding an employment.

ACI d.d. has so far supported five children who grew up in children’s homes without adequate parental care and continued their life journey alone.

We hope that our example inspires also other businesses and business partners to join and support the work of the Foundation “Vaša pošta”.


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