Blackwater holding tank discharging service free of charge in ACI marina Slano

ACI marina “Veljko Barbieri” Slano has introduced a new facility – the service offered to discharge black water from holding tanks of your vessel is for all the guests of the marina free of charge.

The aim is to encourage guests to take environmentally conscious and responsible behaviour for the purpose of protecting the sea, the environment and natural resources.
ACI marina Slano is the only marina in the southern Adriatic offering this service, which is also an additional reason for using it.

Those boaters who, despite the blackwater holding tank draining service free of charge, empty their blackwater holding tank in the aquatoric area of the marina without using the offered technical infrastructure intended for that purpose or by other activities and irresponsible handling create an environmental pollution within the concession area of ACI marina Slano, shall be punished by a fine in the amount of 7.500,00 HRK.

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