Collaboration with RWTH Faculty of Architecture from Aachen

In April, ACI began co-operation with the RWTH Faculty of Architecture from Aachen. One of the most beautiful marinas, ACI marina Piškera – was chosen for the subject of their final BA study.

In the period from 11th to 14th April ACI marina Piškera hosted a group of students from the department for developmental structures and design basics.

Together with the staff of ACI investment department and the director of the marina Žut and Piškera, students led by prof. Lopičić, visited the most significant locations on the Kornati, explored the traditional ways of building in that area, mapped the island of Piškera, and the ACI marina as well. The projects will be designed with the implementation of the ancient ways of working in these areas, with the knowledge of use in the contemporary context. The plan is to design the infrastructure of the marina and the surrounding facilities, keeping in mind the value and history of the island that is very interesting. ACI’s representatives will attend graduate presentations and include studies to consider future ACI marina studies.

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